Customer Journey Mapping

Marketing automation is essential to your customer journey.

Map Pardot to your core marketing journeys to guide prospects and customers through key touchpoints.

I have worked on:

– Top & Bottom of sales funnel
– Onboarding
– Surveys
– Reactivation Campaigns

Reporting & Analytics

Bring your Pardot data to life and communicate the key marketing performance metrics you’ve defined. The most successful marketing teams use the reporting options beyond Pardot to aggregate data from multiple sources, slice-and-dice, and pull out key insights out from all the noise.

Get in touch to discuss how we can enable Salesforce Reporting and Marketing Analytics for performance-driven marketing.

Scoring & Grading

Install a structured way to score leads and ultimately aid lead prioritisation.
Use these two Pardot features in tandem to uncover:

  • Which Prospects are interested in your brand, based on behaviour
  • Which Prospect you should be interested in, as to how well they fit your ideal customer.

The numbers and letters behind scoring and grading are rudimental without taking action and routing prospects accordingly. Get in contact to start building the frameworks to prioritise leads efficiently and effectively.

How can you take your Pardot beyond?

You should never stop developing your Pardot. Only 16% of marketers are completely satisfied with their overall marketing performance
and the outcomes of their marketing investments

Salesforce State of Marketing Report, 2018

Events & Tradeshows

There’s there’s a multitude to juggle when planning events & tradeshows.
Pre-event registration. Stages of the event management lifecycle that Pardot can handle include:

– Pre-event registration
– Data capture
– Post-event follow-up
– Importing & ROI tracking

A solid Pardot Campaign setup can take care of a significant amount, so you can free up your attention for executing the many other items.

Webinar Marketing

Webinars are key to your lead nurture arsenal. With the correct messaging and promotion, webinars can draw in prospects at any stage of the buying cycle. The low setup cost to showcase your product or services make webinars a lucrative marketing channel you can easily take advantage of.
I can help connect Pardot to:

– Native plugin: WebEx, GoToWebinar, ReadyTalk
– Other: Zoom

The plugin is only the start – let’s discuss optimal promotion timelines and effective follow-up too.

Google Plugins

Over 50 million websites around the world use Google Analytics. There’s a high chance you will look to connect Google Analytics or Google AdWords to your Pardot instance to track your digital marketing effectiveness.

Avoid potential hassles of connecting. I have experience connecting Pardot with:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords).

What’s unique about my Pardot Services?

The reason I’m in this business is because I enjoy creating and maintaining impactful marketing campaigns, leveraging Pardot marketing automation and the wider Salesforce platform.

I step up to the mark to make your marketing concepts a reality – even ones you initially thought not possible.

I tailor every project and engagement to suit your circumstance and budget – from fixed scope and tight deadlines, to ad-hoc, flexible payment. To put it bluntly, you’re never tied in.

Summary: Motivated self-starter. Analytical yet creative. Diverse experience. Affordable consulting.