Bespoke Gentlemen's Tailor

A Salesforce Implementation as Bespoke as their Tailoring.

Fiercely proud of creating the finest hand-crafted tailoring in England, it’s no surprise that this client chose a best-of-breed CRM, Salesforce.

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Salesforce Adoption, Salesforce Administration, Pardot Administration
Replicating complex, paper-based order form.
Multiple ‘person’ record types, wishing to manage clients and retail contacts separately, while maintaining relationship networks.
Tracking marketing touchpoints, including event attendance.
Data inconsistencies.

From vendor disputes,
To crafting more suits

After a shaky start on their Salesforce journey, a custom opportunity-to-order process now accommodates their made-to-measure sales process.

A wealth of personal data had been acquired through decades of strong relationships. There was a burning desire to clean and leverage this data to continue long-established relationships, and to uncover new referral-based business lying in wait.

From Website Browsers,
To Tailored Trousers

A strong, existing client base was all very well, but this client had more ambitious horizons.
Pardot was purchased to pull prospective clients through the appointment funnel. With more than one website and differing audiences, it was important to segment incoming data and position the correct product range. Marketing Automation also supported the brand’s expansion to the US market.