Renowned Education Publisher

A 200-year legacy in education publishing, at the threshold of digitalisation.

Larger Implementations

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Renowned in Education Publishing,
Evolving in a world rapidly digitalising.

This multinational organisation has been long-established in the Education Publishing space.
With a brand nearing it’s 200 year anniversary, there is a legacy bound to the organisation’s name.

However, no organisation is immune to digitalisation, which is why this pioneer pivoted towards digitalising it’s education services.

A longer-term assignment within one of the innovative divisions, meant I could embed myself within the business, and gain a solid understanding of these large-scale operations.

Unexpected admin responsibilities,
Boosted Pardot’s possibilities.

A period of Salesforce administration in the lead up to the Pardot project allowed me to grasp the pre- and post-sale processes, before transitioning to the marketing automation side.

Listening closely to every team’s requirements,
Can now pick up signals of prospect intents.

An organisation this scale is a challenge to scope, and put my requirement gathering to the test.

Formulated grading framework for lead prioritisation and more effective outreach.

Pardot Implementation, Salesforce Administration.